SC & NC PTCA balloon catheter


Venavis™ is a double-lumen percutaneous coronary angioplasty (PTCA) catheter with a balloon positioned at the distal end.

A flexible tip was placed on the distal portion to allow passage of the atraumatic stenosis, and two radiopaque markers located at the proximal and distal portions allowed the procedure to be performed while viewing the position of the balloon.

The Ultimate Design for Coronary Intervention

  • Improved trackability and pushability for complex and tight lesions with stiffening wire
  • Tapered tip profile for lesion entry
  • Coated shaft provides strong trackability and pushability
  • Excellent visibility with Platinum-Iridum marker
  • 5F and 6F guide catheter compatible
  • Tapered distal shaft for improved trackability and low profile

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