Life-saving perfection

DOTTER is a globally patented technology-based healthcare company that provides solutions for diagnosing and treating lesions that cause ischemic heart disease.

By Connecting Technology and People, We Save Lives and Make Life Better for Humanity

As a company established by a combination of cardiovascular specialists and the best experts in Korea and the world in the field of optical coherence tomography (OCT), we are designing and producing sophisticated biodegradable stents (BRS) that are 1/3 the thickness of competitors. In addition, we are mainly developing next-generation OCT equipment, which is optical imaging equipment that can create a synergistic effect for stent insertion.

Our passion & goal

We aspire to diagnose and cure cardiovascular disease, the leading cause of mortality worldwide, using our unrivaled technological competitiveness, so that humankind can escape the pain of cardiovascular disease and enjoy a longer, healthier life.

Even now, while we pursue continuous technological innovation, we are focusing all our efforts and passion on ensuring the satisfaction of our customers and patients by prioritizing quality and safety.

Meet The Team

Hyung-il Kim


Chang-hoon Lee​


Ryan Choi​


Eun-jung Jun​​


Ki-heon Yoon​


Ahmed Yosuf​

Technical Director​

Alex Dolgov​

Lead of SW Development​

Eun-joo Cho​

Marketing Director​

Min-woo Lee

Head of Research

Jung-hun Choi​


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[소부장 스타트업] 도터 “글로벌 의료기업 능가하는 차세대 생분해성 스텐트, 우리 손으로”

심장 급사의 원인이 되는 심혈관 협착증의 예방 및 치료를 위해 스텐트(Stent)로 혈관을 넓히는 시술은 이미 일반화되었다. 하지만 기존의 금속 재질 스텐트가 체내에 장기간 자리하면서 발생할 수 있는 부작용도 지적되고 있다. 도터는 이러한 우려를 해소할 수 있는 생분해성 스텐트(Bioresorbable Stent, BRS) 솔루션을 선보였다.

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