advanced OCT imaging system


Aurios™ is an optical coherence tomography imaging device that assists in accurately observing lesions during PCI procedures, provides information for stent selection, and enables accurate observation of the insertion process.

Intravascular-Optical Coherence Tomography

OCT is a cardiovascular imaging device that utilizes a near-infrared laser and provides a resolution ten times higher than that of conventional intravascular imaging technology. Moreover, because the probe is thin and the operation speed is fast, it can reduce the pain of the patient following the procedure.

Compare with IVUS

1 X

Axial resolution

1 %

Probe size

1 X

Pullback speed

AI-Based Software for Optimized Procedure Progress & Real-Time Analysis

Morphological analysis

Provides instant and accurate internal diameter contouring & profile display function

Stenting assistant

Provides minimal lumen area & stenosis rate information for lesion location confirmation and stent selection

3D stereoscopic

Converts recorded cardiovascular images into real-time 3D images and can be observed from various views

Confirmation of procedure

Provides 3D images of DES & BRS inserted into the artery and automatic detection of apposition status


Rotary junction

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