Combining OCT and FLIm Technologies


Introducing a ground-breaking advanced imaging system that can determine the cause of cardiovascular disease and improve its prognosis with great accuracy.

Our system features a cardiovascular OCT for imaging in vivo using the light interference phenomenon. It employs an innovative technique of imaging the inner wall of a blood vessel with an optical fiber catheter inserted into the blood vessels.

Why OCT and FLIm?

Comparison between Intravascular Imaging Techniques

The OCT-FLIm system is developed to acquire real-time imaging with higher speed using two diagnostic methods compared to the conventional system. The imaging catheter has a rotary joint that effectively combines two imaging technologies with a special fiber and use a lens to acquire real-time images within seconds.

The physical characteristics of the imaging catheter are similar to those of OCT catheters used in current clinical practices. It does not require the use of an additional contrast medium and can acquire images in the same way as the current clinical imaging procedures.

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